Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talk about boy crazy

Last night we had our first Cub Scouts Pack Meeting.  WOW!  I mean, WOW.  There were about 50 boys, all elementary school age running around in a not big enough room and I think Husband's head was going to explode before we'd even been there 10 minutes.  I didn't really start to lose it until we Den Leaders took the boys outside to have snack and run around.  And, boy did they ever run around.  I suppose it was good for them to get some energy out but they were making me a nervous wreck.  I just knew someone was going to bleed at any moment.  Some boys were just running around chasing each other.  Some were rolling down the hill.  Some were wrestling.  It was chaos but I think they were having fun.  It didn't look like fun to me, but I'm not a 6 or 7 or 8 year old boy so what do I know?  Eventually one little boy got kicked in the head when he and another were rolling down the hill.  He cried for a minute but seemed to get himself back together soon enough.  Overall, things were going rather well considering the banshees were generally staying in the confined area where we could watch them and yell to them when their wrestling got rough.  Then about four of my Tiger Cubs lost the "brass" slides that hold their neckerchiefs around their necks.  I yelled out to the group, "We're missing four Tiger Cub slides.  Everyone look for them and the first one to find one gets a prize!"  Yes, of course, I had no prize.  You should have seen them run around looking for those slides!  They were boys on a mission!  I couldn't believe how well that worked to get them all focused on a task together.  I'm going to save that and use it again later someday.  I didn't even really feel bad when the first boy came running up the hill, grinning from ear to ear, screaming, "I found one!"  When he handed it to me, he said, "What's the prize?" I just smiled and said, "You get a round of applause and a high five."  He gave me that knowing sneer and walked off.  Yeah, sorry kid, life's full of disappointment.  Maybe I taught them something last night after all.

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