Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween costumes issues

Second Born decided a month or so ago that he wanted to be Batman for Halloween. I was cool with that.  Of course, part of me wished First Born would want to be Robin to his Batman because I'm into that sort of themed Halloween costume stuff.  Last year they were both Star Wars Clone Troopers and the year before that we all dressed up as the Scooby Doo gang. 

Anyway, last weekend we had to stop by Wal-mart to get a card before my niece's birthday party and they had a Batman costume for $20 so I thought, "SCORE."  Check that off the list.  I took it over to SB and showed it to him and he said, "Yay!  I want to be the black Batman!"  Really loud, at Wal-mart.  Husband and I quickly explained that no he was not the black Batman, he was the "Dark Knight Batman."  Geez, you gotta be on your toes all the time with this parenting stuff!

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