Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kindergarten continued...

We started at the new school in January of 2010.  We made an appointment with the counselor and principal and explained to them our situation.  They were more than willing to work with FB. Of course, being that we were now in a public school, they had no choice in the matter.  They were glad that we were willing to help out in any way we could.  They told us on numerous occasions about how grateful they were that we were willing to submit FB to any testing and that we wanted them to help us in any and every way they could.  I cannot imagine a parent not wanting someone to help their child if they're having difficulty at school, but apparently that is a common thing. 

FB had more testing through the school system and they determined that he did qualify for services and developed an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for him.  He also had the help of a school system behavior support person.  It was actually this guys job to go to school everyday and sit with FB throughout his day and work with him on his behavior.  OMG, are you serious?  You can do that?  We can get that?  Thank you, God!  Our prayers have been answered!  Unfortunately, this was just a temporary situation until they could get all aspects of his IEP in place. 

And then, more shit hit the fan...

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