Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm gonna have to work on that...

My kids are going through the "We want to sleep in your bed" phase.  FB much more so than SB.  SB will usually make it through most of the night in his bed.  If he comes in our room, it's about 5 or 6 am.  FB, however, shows up around the time we're finally going to bed at about 11 or 12.  I have resisted for a couple months now by making him go back to his bed, many times after several attempts to sneak in to our bed when he thinks we've finally fallen asleep.  He whines and begs for me to "puhleease let him sleep in your bed, I promise I'll be still."  We've told him numerous times about how he kicks and moves around a lot in his sleep and wakes us up throughout the night. 

Then on Tuesday night we all had the worst night for sleeping ever.  Husband was sick and woke up to get sick a couple times.  FB was having a hard time staying asleep and woke up several times to try and get in our bed or just tell me how he wasn't tired.  Then with all the comotion, SB woke up to pee and see why we were making all that noise.  Finally, I thought, if we're ever going to get any sleep I'm going to have to let them sleep with me.  Husband actually sent us all to bed in our room and put himself on the couch.  It was survival mode kicking in to high gear at that point. 

The past two nights we thought we'd be real smart and put both the boys in FB's bed together with a movie on the TV.  I know, I'm so terrible, I let my kids watch TV, and in their room, and sometimes to fall asleep.  I fall asleep with the TV on all the time even as a kid I did this and I'm fine. Don't judge.  Anyway, we thought that would keep them together and out of our bed.  They certainly wouldn't be scared when they have each other.  Wednesday night we put them in FB's room, turned on the movie and as usual, FB was asleep in 2.3 seconds.  SB stayed up and watched almost the entire movie.  He did finally come out and say he wanted to sleep in his own bed.  I tucked him in and they both slept well that night.  I think FB ended up in our bed at some point but he didn't wake me up to get in so I don't know when it was.

Last night, we tried the same tactic.  FB fell asleep pretty quickly and then SB finally fell asleep in his brother's bed too.  AND much faster than the previous night.  We're making progress here.  As Husband and I crawled into bed last night we thought we'd finally figured out the answer to our little problem.  

Then about five minutes later, our bedroom door busted open like someone was kicking in the door.  I looked over and said, "Geez, it sounded like you were bustin' down the door, FB."  He smiled as crawled up into his spot between us and said, "Yeah, I'm gonna have to work on that." 

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