Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Open house recap

Before I forget any of the gory details, I thought I'd post about Open House at First Born's school last night.  Our first mistake was not bringing him with us, cause apparently, you're supposed to do that.  Oops!  Anyhoo...we got there a little early because I didn't want to have to park in the street blocks away and we made our way back to see one of the Kindergarten teachers.  Her son is going to be in our Cub Scout Den and I had to drop off the forms to her so she could fill them out before our next Scout meeting on Wednesday night.  We chatted for a bit about Scouts and then it was time to start the Open House night so we all headed back to the cafeteria/gym for the meeting.  That part was over quick and we were able to chat with the principal for a minute or two while we waited for the herd of parents and students trying to get to the classrooms.  She had a nice story to tell me about how earlier that day FB had come up to her at the Fun Run pep rally and said, "Mrs. E, what do I have to do to earn the scooter prize?"  She said she was so proud of him and how polite he was!  Yay!  We don't usually get lots of good news from Mrs. E.  Overall it was mostly good news, but here are a few of the extra good parts...

We got to check out his classroom and finally meet his teacher, Mrs. N.  He was moved from one classroom to another about a week or so into the school year for reasons not really totally pertaining to him so we never met the teacher in person before yesterday.  Mrs. N. said, "FB was a joy to have in her class and she firmly believes that once he gets through the immaturity issues and figures out how to stay on track with his behavior, he will just soar."  At this point I'm wondering if it would be OK if I hugged her?  We got to see some of his writing journals.  Interesting reading.  I wish I would have taken a picture with my phone so you could see the stuff he writes about in there.  For example, he wrote about how he knew how to operate the remote control for the cable, the red button is to record, the big black button is for the On Demand and the arrows help you move the highlight around to make your selection.  I'm not kidding, he even said "highlight."  He also wrote about how when he grows up he wants to be in the Coast Guard to protect people from sharks like in the movie Jaws.  We got a Jaws game on the iPod a week or so ago and now he likes sharks and says he wants to watch the movie Jaws.  This from the same kid who is scared of spiders and monsters in his room.  So, yeah, not letting him watch Jaws.  He also wants to be an Air Force pilot, be in the Army and to be a hunter and he drew a picture of each of these jobs as well as a poor unfortunate animal losing out to his mad hunter skills.  We also talked to the assistant teacher in his class and she told us all about how she just loved FB and of course we were so proud!  That's the thing with this kid; if he can work his way into their hearts, they love him so much.  It doesn't always happen, some teachers never bond with him, but if they do, things work out soooo much better.

Speaking of bonding, we talked to the counselor, Mrs. B, a couple times.  She said go to the library and check out the video they made for the Fun Run.  Lucky for us we happened to walk in just as the video was on the part by the first graders.  When it showed FB's classroom, all the students were sitting nicely at their desks except our boy who was jumping around in the middle of the room, punching the air and saying, "Yeah," whenever the teacher would ask them a question.  I get that they were supposed to be excited and it was cute.  Husband immediately looked at me and said, "How come our kid was the only one not seated nicely at his desk like the rest of the class?"  Minor detail, right?   Later when we saw Mrs. B. again, she asked if we saw the video.  Husband said the same thing to her about him not being in his seat and in true Grandma fashion, without missing a beat, she said, "there were other kids up out of their seats too, you just couldn't see them from that camera angle."  Apparently, she loves FB too.

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