Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Baby is Four!

I cannot believe it.  When did it happen?  Are you sure that's right?  He can't possibly be four years old.  I was just pregnant with him six months ago, I'm sure of it!  OK, enough with the denial.  I mean, look at the cuteness that is before you.  There's no mistaking that he's cute, always has been, inside and out.  Everyone has a kid who says and does cute things, but he's just so darn happy all the time.  Unless of course when he's being dramatic.  And oh, the drama!  He still fights us on the going to bed battle.  He says, "I'm not tired," or "I'm hungry," or my favorite, "I'm very very coughing."  He pulled this one not too long ago.  He laid in his bed and whined for a good hour about how he was coughing.  The child NEVER coughed during this entire episode.  Not once. 
I hope I never forget about all of these cute and wonderful things he does to make me smile and light up my day.  I know someday he'll be big and a teenager and I may not think that he's so stinkin' cute so I suppose I'll just use my blog to preserve this date and time of his life.  Here are some more very cute things he says: our dog's name is Indiana, but he calls her "Indianda," everything that happened in the past was "yesterday," even if it was a year ago, and everything that will happen in the future is "tomorrow."  When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said "bah-sghetti," and he at every last bite. 

He's having a superhero birthday party on Saturday and I'm not even close to being ready for it.  It will all come together at the last minute, like always.  It will be fun though to see all the kiddos dressed up like superheros. 

I'll leave you with this.... 
those feet are enough to make me want another baby! I can still smell them when I see this!  And like I told you, he has always been cute!  Right??

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  1. I know how you feel. I hardly ever correct the cute made up words and probably encouage them a little too much. Soon enough they'll say "pretend" instead of "fortend". And that last post with the aversion to buttons? My oldest refused to wear shirts with buttons for years - but that improved when he turned five. Sadly, my daughter (4) claims that she can't wear any clothes with buttons now, so no jeans or non-stretchy pants of any kind. We also have daily fights about her coat (which I purchased because it was her favorite color, red) because of course it has BUTTONS. Sigh.